The Sound of Silence

I am not sure if true silence exists.  As I sit here writing this, I am listening to my washing machine spin, chatting on the street below, pigeons cooing outside of my window and I can vaguely even hear the flame on my stove-top warming curried lentils.  What I am sure of is that a […]

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Passion as a state of wellness

Wellness and balance are such slippery little words, but they are thrown around these days like it is an achievable and permanent state of being.  I would argue that they are transient states that some of us feel from time to time but most of us are not aware of.  I would also argue that […]

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Settling in

Three week Italy anniversary is upon us and this new way of life is starting to feel normal, which I can hardly believe I am saying.  The old norm of super-stressed, over-scheduled, mostly-panicked life seems almost unimaginable to me now.  That goes to show how quickly reality can change.  Yesterday was our first day without […]

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