5 Ways to Build Your Wellness Tribe

Wellness does not happen in isolation or because of one behavior, it is the manifestation of myriad habits that are practiced regularly and formed over a lifetime.  However, that is where the story ends but not where it begins.  In functional medicine, we focus on affecting the foundation of well-being or disease and when it […]

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A Wellness Perfectionist, I am not 

  If you are one of those blog followers that love wellness experts that have everything mastered, you are going to want to unsubscribe to my blog. While it is true that I have earned a Master’s Degree in wellness, officially Functional Medicine and Nutrition which is basically the scientific approach to optimal wellness, I […]

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The Sound of Silence

I am not sure if true silence exists.  As I sit here writing this, I am listening to my washing machine spin, chatting on the street below, pigeons cooing outside of my window and I can vaguely even hear the flame on my stove-top warming curried lentils.  What I am sure of is that a […]

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Passion as a state of wellness

Wellness and balance are such slippery little words, but they are thrown around these days like it is an achievable and permanent state of being.  I would argue that they are transient states that some of us feel from time to time but most of us are not aware of.  I would also argue that […]

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Settling in

Three week Italy anniversary is upon us and this new way of life is starting to feel normal, which I can hardly believe I am saying.  The old norm of super-stressed, over-scheduled, mostly-panicked life seems almost unimaginable to me now.  That goes to show how quickly reality can change.  Yesterday was our first day without […]

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