3 steps to insure that your 2018 New Year’s Resolution Sticks

Are you already stirring about your 2018 New Year’s resolution?  Around this time of year, many of us are holding our breaths through the last round of holiday festivities preparing for a fresh start in January. Whether you’re resolving to build your 401K, travel or run a marathon, making the declaration alone will not insure that your NY resolution succeeds, you need a plan.

3 steps to insure that your 2018 New Year’s Resolution Sticks

My Plan

1.  Take the time to sit down and write out the steps that are required to move towards your resolution.  This is the necessary  in order to take yourself and your resolution seriously.  Establishing what you are aiming to do and why you are doing it is vital to insuring that you are ready to take on a new commitment.  Establish the benefits of your resolution and how your life will be different when you reach your goal.

2. Assess your plan for potential barriers or challenges.  Expand on your plan by making a short list of the actions you will take to move through the triggers for old behavior or roadblocks that might risk your success. If you want to decrease social obligations this year, think back on invitations that have been hard to turn down and create a helpful series of polite declines that you can refer to in a pinch.  Consider choosing set time periods throughout the week that you will block out on your calendar to insure downtime.  This is also the place to evaluate relationships and people that may encourage old behaviors and discourage your goals and consider how you may need to redefine those relationships.

2. Gather the tools and support to follow your plan.  If you are resolving to run a marathon by October, this is the time to pull out the running gear, start a training schedule, join a running group and consider investing in a trainer.  If you want to save extra money for a trip to Japan while saving for retirement, you might consider an app to track your spending, a plan for reallocating funds into your savings account, and finding a reputable financial planner to help you design realistic long-term goals.


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